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If you’ve always wanted to feel connected to computer programmers (of all levels), you should join github. My only caution is that it’s confusing as hell. Most accessibly, it’s a Facebook for hackers. It’s a collaborative space that does “version control” on software. Version control (or revision control or source control)…

Hoffman's robot

Robots have been always made by computer scientists and mathematicians, but what would the Artificial Intelligence be like if it was made by an artist. This robot has a soul, and its risk-taking, adventurous, improvisational characteristics contrast the commonplace planning and analytical robot. Guy Hoffman, an animator and actor, worked on getting robots to collaborate […]


http://www.engadget.com/2013/09/20/facebook-developing-ai-to-find-deeper-meaning-in-feeds/ It looks like Facebook is starting work on something that I think a lot of Facebook users will appreciate – a smarter news feed ranker. What caught my eye in the article posted above was that Facebook has hired a team specializing in artificial intelligence research to run the project. (They’ll be using deep […]


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I love e-Books. They pretty much make everything that I do so much more convenient. If I need to complete my work, and I left my book at school, I can just open up my kindle and my textbook is right there. However, I have noticed that there is a…

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xkcd Regular Expression or Regex is used in programming to indicate patterns in strings (of characters). My most frequent encounters with Regex is when I’m parsing a string in Java and I call the split() function. When Regex has been useful: Let’s say I wanted to count how many times all…

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Threes, on Android and iPhone A friend downloads this game called Threes a couple weeks ago. It’s currently $2 on iPhone and Android. My friend called it the Tetris of our day, and, I have to admit, it is easy to understand, challenging, and fun. Before getting the chance to write…


If anything ever made me want to stop what I’m doing and change me life, this is one of those things– events like the Independent Games Festival and IndieCade, where friends and colleagues, whom I respect a great deal, put forth their hard work into a digital experience. IndieCade will be in October in the […]